Solar Power Photovoltaic Tile




Solar Power Tile Photovoltaic a simple and aesthetic design for integration with clay and concrete roofing tile systems.
This technology uses a triple junction amorphous thin film that is lightweight and produces a  excellent power in low light conditions.


“This eliminates the probability of a warranty dispute between a roofing contractor and a solar power system installation contractor.”



This is a good solution for country side buildings since the roof is usually not entirely visible from the ground. Saving the space of the usual solar array.


Saves you money on the installation of a ground mounted photovoltaic system.

It can be also integrated into a stormwater captation design to be store water in proper tanks.


The SRS Energy Sole’ Power Tile Photovoltaic Tile system is a design by Beachside Solar Technologies a company based in Hawaii specialized in grid interconnected solar electric systems.


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