The dramatic growth in plant cover will not offset the damage made from deforestation

The extra carbon being stored by this additional vegetation only represents seven per cent of the 60 billion tonnes of carbon that has been emitted into the atmosphere.   The dramatic growth in plant cover in the past decade gives a huge boost to the battle against global warming. But any celebrations should be muted […]


Off Grid and Open Source Straw Bale Village Designed for Sustainability

One Community Global is developing plans for a sustainable community based on straw-bale construction and describes the Straw Bale Village as:   The Straw Bale Village consists of fifty-six 250-300 square foot (23-28 sq meters) studio-style rooms, each with an attached bathroom. They are arranged in groups of 4 that can easily be connected and […]


The Secrets to Self-Mastery

Dr John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, internationally published author, educator and profound authority on maximizing human awareness and potential.   Dr Demartini uncovers how business owners can gain more balance and clarity of purpose by aligning themselves with their highest values. Dr Demartini, as featured in internationally acclaimed film ‘The Secret’ explores the […]


The Everyday Life Of Reindeer People Living In Mongolia

Through his photos of the nomadic Dukha people in northern Mongolia, photographer and scholar Hamid Sardar-Afkhami gives us an unprecedented look into the everyday lives of a people that rely on herds of migrating reindeer for their day-to-day existence.   The Dukha people domesticate reindeer, riding them, breeding them and using them for milk, cheese […]


Melbourne Water Encourages Australian Citizens to Build 10,000 Rain Gardens

Melbourne Water, a water supply company owned by the Victorian State Government, is encouraging Australian residents to create 10,000 rain gardens – and they’re already up to 7,804! A rain garden is a water-saving garden that is designed to capture stormwater from hard surfaces such as driveways, patios and roofs via downpipes after it rains. […]


How do you plant 1 billion trees a year? With drones, of course

Instead of doing surveillance or carrying out military missions, the drones from BioCarbon Engineering are taking on a decidedly more progressive task: planting trees and reversing deforestation.   Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have taken off in popularity recently, with hobbyists and professionals alike using these small remotely-guided devices for everything from delivering packages […]