This wind turbine can fold into your backpack and charge your laptop

  Scientists have 3D-printed a wind turbine that’s small and light enough to fit into a backpack. Called AirEnergy3D, the turbine can plug directly into a laptop or phone to charge it with renewable energy, or can feed electricity back into a household power system, as Adele Peters reports for Fast Company.     The […]


Stunning Wooden Staircase – Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

From the architect. Located in central Mumbai, our client builds a 6 story building, 2 for each apartment, we simultaneously perform 3 interior design projects for 3 different clients, all from the same family; parents, (an older couple) and 2 families of young couples with children, each with different needs and personalities, this is how […]


Stanford Biologist Warns: Early Signs of Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction in Progress

Those who keep taking our biodiversity for granted: dumping corporate waste, spraying copious amounts of herbicides and pesticides, contaminating our water with fluoride, arsenic, and other industrial chemicals while generally ignoring the environment at large, have another thing coming. According to a Stanford biology professor, Rodolfo Dirzo, the earth has begun its 6th mass extinction cycle – and it’s our fault. […]


6 Food Wonders – Ice cream that doesn’t melt and Food that Don’t Decay

Have you noticed a distinct lack of melting in your ice cream lately? (Photo: AkeSak/Shutterstock) Science is a beautiful thing – but sometimes we just don’t know when to stop. Consider food. It used to be that freezing, drying, adding some salt or fermenting the things we eat was enough to keep them fresh. But […]


Environment Renewable energy Turning a slate quarry green: 40 years of Centre for Alternative Technology

Centre for Alternative Technology (Cat) and the new Wales Centre for Sustainable Education (Wise) building on the right, in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales. Photograph: Keith Morris/Alamy Hippies in a slate quarry in Wales are celebrating four decades of green revolution this weekend, having transformed the character of a local town, pioneered new energy technologies and constructed […]