Zer0 Energy Lighting: The coolest commercial lighting system ever?

We already know that smart daylighting can greatly reduce the need for artificial lighting. But what if you combined that technology with today’s ultra-efficient LEDs? And what if you then added smart sensors to intensify or dim artificial lighting as needed, according to both availability of natural light and whether or not an area of […]


A bird’s eye view of the first ever ‘zero emission’ scientific station in Antarctica

‘Bird’s eye view’ sounds better than ‘drone’s camera view’…     You think it’s cold where you are right now? Colder than Mars, you say? Well, down at the Princess Elisabeth scientific station, on the Utsteinen Ridge in Antarctica, it might be summer right now, but they can teach everybody else a thing or two […]


The Electric Scooter Scheme That Could Finally Make Battery-Swapping Work

Watching the professional rider smoke the rear tire, it’s hard to believe he’s on a scooter. It’s doubly hard to believe that scooter is powered by a battery. And when you hear this two-wheeled runabout pitched as a vehicle that could change urban mobility and the way we store and manage electricity, and it just […]


Stanford Biologist Warns: Early Signs of Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction in Progress

Those who keep taking our biodiversity for granted: dumping corporate waste, spraying copious amounts of herbicides and pesticides, contaminating our water with fluoride, arsenic, and other industrial chemicals while generally ignoring the environment at large, have another thing coming. According to a Stanford biology professor, Rodolfo Dirzo, the earth has begun its 6th mass extinction cycle – and it’s our fault. […]